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Eva Löfdahl,

Stockholm, November 15th - December 20th, 2003
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Galerie Nordenhake has the pleasure to show an exhibition of a new work by Eva Löfdahl. It is entitled Catch in Orbit and consists of four separate wall objects. Just as in Löfdahl's earlier pieces they are seemingly simple in its nature, but consists nevertheless of a multitude of layers.

As often is the case, her works are difficult to capture in mere words, they retreat from any simple linguistic label and resist limitations, as well as simplification. Löfdahl has tried several forms of expression during the years: installations, painting, photography, objects, performance and cabaret. Some of her later works has taken the form of an extensive correspondence via letters.

During her whole artistic development she has consistently verged on a strategy of destabilising what is regarded as given facts or ossified structures, through new modi cognoscedi and untried modi operandi. During the 80s she was a part of the legendary Swedish art collective "Wallda," together with Max Book, Cecilia Edefalk and Stig Sjölund. In 1995 she represented Sweden at the Venice biennial.

Eva Löfdahl is born in Gothenburg, 1953, but lives and works in Stockholm. This is her third show at Galerie Nordenhake.
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All above: Catch in orbit, 2003, iron, pigment, glass fibre concrete.

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