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Walter Niedermayr,

Berlin, March 23rd - May 03rd, 2001
Image No. 1 of Walter Niedermayr

Installation view from the exhibition.

Born in Bozen (Bolzano) in Southern Tyrolia (Italy) in 1952, Walter Niedermayr, native to the Dolomite Alps, occupies a border zone in his life, as well as in his work. Bolzano is a region where Latin and Germanic cultures meet and his pieces depicting these mountainous regions can also be described as a "location" where painting and photography meet one another.

With a realistic and somewhat austere approach to photography with each work pieced together by several panels he confines himself in his "landscape interpretations" to the patient search and photographing of his motifs and takes great care in developing his images. Walter Niedermayr sets forth both in the tradition of the New Objectivitys clarity of vision and of the Romantic Movements redefinition of the beautiful and the sublime in the mid-18th century.

Fragmentary and monumental at once, compact and panoramic, current and timeless, austere and humorist, crude and sophisticated, washed in subtle colours and at the same time infused by a cool precision that seems to be inherent in the technique of photography as a medium. Walter Niedermayrs pieces are the expression of this meaningful and paradoxical existence, as well as an Entzauberung of Nature.

In his recent works, from the glaciers of the Alps and the ski-resorts and ski-domes of Japan, he seems to have pushed the analytical levelling of the image even further. Every segment of the surface carry the same value just as every gesture on an abstract painting are equally important. These images are not about skiing or about the mountains but about the nature of photography and its relation to time. They represent an eternal gaze looking down on a mythic but changing landscape and moments of frozen time, as if the visible is in the process of disappearing into whiteness, not fading away but condensing into a crystal clear image engraved on the retina, or of a receding map-like image that the airborne catches in a last look over the shoulder.
Image No. 2 of Walter Niedermayr

Shiga Kogen IV , 2000. (installation view)

Image No. 3 of Walter Niedermayr

Happo One III, 2000.

Image No. 4 of Walter Niedermayr

Ebenferner I, 2000.

Image No. 5 of Walter Niedermayr

Ski Dome II, 2000. (installation view)

Image No. 6 of Walter Niedermayr

Shiga Kogen IV, 2000.

Image No. 7 of Walter Niedermayr

Ski Dome II, 2000.

Image No. 8 of Walter Niedermayr

Schnalstalgletscher VIII , 2000.

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