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Stockholm, February 2018
Stockholm, August 2011
Stockholm, October 2008

Gerard Byrne

Image No. 1 of Gerard Byrne

Jielemeguvvie guvvie sjisjneli (Film inside an image) 2015-2016, 2015-2016, single channel film, back projection, 17 minutes, continuous loop 

Image No. 2 of Gerard Byrne

A man and a woman make love, 2012, television production. 5 synchronized video projections, single sound audio mix, customized, physical shutters, approx 20 mins, looped, with variations from loop to loop

Image No. 3 of Gerard Byrne

A Thing is a Hole in a Thing it is Not, installation image from Lismore Castle, 2010

Image No. 4 of Gerard Byrne

Newsstand (Shooting Date: 01/10/’09), 2009, silver gelatin print, 132 x 165 cm, framed in oak, Unique

Image No. 5 of Gerard Byrne

A Fibonacci progression in 17 Stages, commenced in 2001 and completed in 2011
(2011), 17 framed selenium-toned silver gelatin prints

Image No. 6 of Gerard Byrne

A serpent with a horses head, 2001 – ongoing
wall drawing in pencil & vinyl text, tree stump, steel pins

Image No. 7 of Gerard Byrne

East, South-South East, North-West, South-South East, North-West, again East 2001 – ongoing, 6 silver gelatin prints Each 31 x 41cm, framed in lacquered wood, Edition 3 & 1 a/p 

Image No. 8 of Gerard Byrne

Figures (Some analogies surveyed, and organized into concrete poetry and conceptual film forms, on dates between 2001 - 2011), 2001 - 2011, 16mm film, B&W, 9 mins, Edition 4 & 1 a/p with audio

Image No. 9 of Gerard Byrne

'68 / Mica & Glass or A counter-entropic exercise, as demonstrated by workers from a State Museum for Art, 2008, 8 minutes and 29 seconds 16 mm colour film loop (silent), Edition of 4 + 1AP

Image No. 10 of Gerard Byrne

The reverse of a framed painting. Catalogue No. KMS 1989, Collection of the Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen. Item dimensions: 66.4 x 87 cm. Item age: 348 years. Reproduced at 56.25% of original size,
2008, selenium toned silver gelatin print, 64 x 54 cm, Edition 3 of 4 + 1 AP

Image No. 11 of Gerard Byrne

*ZAN -T185 r.1: (Interview) v.1, no. 4 - v.2, no. 6, 19 (1969 -Feb. 1972); (Andy Warhol's (Interview) v.2, no. 21 - v.3, no. 9, 2007
Single channel HD projection, Edition 1 of 4

Image No. 12 of Gerard Byrne

*ZAN -T185 r.1: (Interview) v.1, no. 4 - v.2, no. 6, 19 (1969 -Feb. 1972); (Andy Warhol's (Interview) v.2, no. 21 - v.3, no. 9, 2007
Single channel HD projection, Edition 1 of 4

Gerard Byrne (b.1969) is a visual artist working with photographic, video, and performance art. In 2007 he represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale. His work has been shown at international biennials including the Sydney Biennial (2008), the Lyon Biennale (2007), the 3rd Tate Triennial (2006), and the 8th Istanbul Biennial (2003) as well as in major museums in Europe and the US. Solo exhibitions of his work include the Kunstmuseum St.Gallen, Switzerland (2015), PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2013), ICA, Boston (2008),Dusseldorf Kunstverein (2007), the Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver (2007), Frankfurter Kunstverein (2003), the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin (2002). In 2006 he was a recipient of the Paul Hamlyn award. He lives and works in Dublin.